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Affirmations for a social dancer

It is okay to feel sad when you are disappointed in your level placement, in your competition placement, in your dancing, in your use of time at a workshop, in your choice of dance or full pass.

It is okay to feel sad when you fail to get up the nerve to ask your dance hero to jam.

It is okay to feel sad when your friends don't ask you to dance, and it is ok to feel sad when you can no longer pull the energy together to ask your friends to dance.

It is okay to feel sad when your body gives out on your or when you choose self care instead of sticking around to get the dances with your friends.

It is okay to feel sad when you have to hunt down lunch plans.

It is okay to feel sad when you feel alone amongst hundreds of people.

(It is also okay to not feel sad at all, to revel in your excitement, to enjoy sitting on the sidelines and watching the dancing, to feel pride in your growth, to languish in bed and sleep in.) Your emotions are valid and real, and they are part of your truth.

You are not a brat for wanting a higher placement.

You did not waste the event just because you spent more time off the dance floor than on it. You are not a failure for only making it to a handful of classes.

Your friends still care for you even when they did not include you in their lunch plans and did not have the opportunity to dance with you.

It is okay to express your sadness.

It is okay to want more next time and resolve to train harder.

It is okay.

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