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Joey Science started swing dancing in 2005, and still can't wrap their head around where the time has gone. Since 2005, Joey has fallen madly in love with both lindy hop and blues dancing, and recently launched headfirst into learning Saint Louis Shag. Joey is actively training in both lead and follow roles, and finds that each role is important and exciting in its own way. Joey is an outspoken feminist, and ridiculously loud about it.


  • 3rd Place, 2019 Blues Muse, Open Mix & Match (Lead)

  • 1st Place, 2019 Kind of a Big Deal, Open Mix & Match (Lead)

  • 3rd Place, 2018 Blues Geek, Advanced Mix & Match (Lead)

  • 1st Place, 2017 Sweet Molasses Blues, Advanced Mix & Match (Lead)

  • Finals, 2017 BluesSHOUT, Open Mix & Match (Lead)

  • Finals, 2016 North Star Blues, Open Mix & Match (Lead)

  • 1st Place, 2016 Blues Yourself, Pro-Am Solo Riffin', (Pro: Mike Grosser)

  • 3rd Place, 2016 Blues Yourself, Solo Insanity

  • 2nd Place, 2016 Sweet Molasses Blues, Open Jack & Jill (Lead)

  • 1st Place, 2016 Montreal Swing Riot, Open Jack & Jill (Lead)

  • 2nd Place, 2016 Heartland Swing Festival, Strictly Slow, (Follow, with Braden Nesin)

  • 3rd Place, 2016 Winter Blues, Open Jack & Jill (Lead) 

  • 1st Place, 2015 Snowbound Blues, Open Jack & Jill (Lead)

  • 1st Place, 2015 Nevermore Jazz Ball, Barrelhousin' Slow,  (Lead, with Laney Barhaugh)

  • 3rd Place, 2015 Scramble Light Blues, Strictly (Lead, with Sam Zorich)

  • 3rd Place, 2015 Scramble Light Blues, Jack & Jill (Lead)

  • 3rd Place, 2015 Winter Blues, Open Jack & Jill (Lead)

Finaled at 2019 Lindy Focus Blues Mix and Match (Lead). 2018 Lindy Focus, Strictly Blues (Lead, with Ari H-C). 2018 Mile High Blues, Advanced Mix & Match (Lead). 2017 Blues Muse, Jack Carey Competition (Lead). 2016 North Star Blues Open Jack & Jill, 2016 BluesSHOUT! Jack & Jill (Lead), 2016 BluesSHOUT! Strictly with Sarah Lokay, 2015 North Star Blues Open Jack & Jill (Lead), 2015 BluesSHOUT! Strictly with Sarah Lokay, 2015 Sweet Molasses Blues Advanced Jack & Jill, and Hawkeye Swing Festival Strictly 2015 with Braden Nesin.

Teaching Resume

  • Sweet Molasses Blues (2019, 2018, 2017, with an assortment of co-teachers)

  • Blues Muse Guest Instructor October 2017, with Laney Barhaugh

  • Nocturne Blues Guest Instructor, July 2016, with Laney Barhaugh

  • Blues Workshop in Grand Rapids, May 2016

  • Blues Workshop in St Louis, March 2016

  • Northwestern University Musicality in Dance Workshop February 2016, with Braden Nesin

  • University of Chicago, Monthly series classes with Braden Nesin (Beginning-Intermediate Lindy Hop)

  • Time Warp Swing 2014, with Lee Conley (Beginning Lindy Hop)


In Chicago, Joey has taught drop-in lessons at Fizz, Bluetopia, and 50Fifty. In Boston, Joey has taught drop-in lessons at Bluesy Tuesy and Blues Union.

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